Impress your friends with a Unique and Classic Coulibiac! Take our Cooking Class Saturday, May 14th

CoulibiacOn Saturday, May 14th from 5-7 pm, join Chef Cesidio D’Andrea as you learn the secrets to making this make this Classic European dish!

A Coulibiac is a dish of salmon, wrapped in puff pastry with rice, boiled eggs and curry sauce. This dish was so popular in Russia in the early part of the 20th century that Auguste Escoffier brought it to France and included recipes for it in his masterwork, The Complete Guide to the Art of Modern Cookery– and now you’ll learn to make it at home!

Menu for this class includes: Oeuf Moeurette from Burgundy (Red wine poached egg, served with Red Wine Sauce, Bacon and Mushrooms); Salmon Coulibiac and a classical French Clafoutis for dessert.

The cost for this demonstration cooking class is $55 per person. Reserve your seat TODAY by calling


Take our Train your Taster class, and learn to really TASTE the food you’re cooking!

On Saturday, April 30th, Chef Katy Parker will change the way you think about food! Through a series of tasting exercises, you will train your taste buds to detect and identify different flavors found in your food.

This will allow you to better pair your dishes and beverages, to more accurately describe food and flavors, and become a better cook overall by understanding your ingredients and how they interact.

Class will run from 11 am to 1 pm, and a light meal will be served after the tasting exercises are completed. The cost for this class is $49 per person.

Reserve your seat TODAY by calling 512-266-5666!

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“Alive in 5” Raw Foods Class, Wednesday, April 13th!

Are you trying to make healthy meals, but find yourself too rushed for time?  Take this class on Wednesday, April 13 from 6-8 pm, and learn how to Make Fast, Fabulous, Fresh, Raw Foods with 5 Ingredients or Less, With Chef Marsha Paisley!

Menu includes: How to make versatile vegan milk from any seed or nut (demo will feature pumpkin seeds); a Pineapple Mojito Smoothie; Mock Salmon Pate,  a Legume Jarred Salad (a fun technique you can apply to many salads to bring them to work or school), the best Apple Pie, and Alissa’s Date Nut Torte.  *All dishes are vegan and free of sugar, gluten, dairy, soy, and alcohol.*

Our emphasis will be on easy-to-prepare dishes that you can fit easily into your busy schedule.   The cost for this demonstration class is $49 per person. 

To reserve your seat, call 512-266-5666 TODAY!

THIS WEEKEND- Knife Sharpening at Faraday’s!

Knife SHarpeningIt’s time to bring out your dull knives!  Don’t miss out this weekend (April 8-10), when Roy’s Knife Sharpening will be here on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10-5 each day.

We are using a new Knife Sharpening company for the first time, Roy’s Knife Sharpening out of Buda.

Since this is their first time coming to Faraday’s, They will be sharpening ONLY metal knives– no shears, scissors, clippers, garden tools or ceramic knives. Pricing will remain at $5 for straight edge knives and $6 for serrated. 

No appointment is necessary– just come in with your dull knives and get ready to welcome sharp knives back into your kitchen!

Breakfast Workshop on Saturday, April 2nd- Learn to make Crepes and Eggs Benedict!

iStock Eggs Benny SmallerLearn to make delicious Crepes and hearty Eggs Benedict! On Saturday, April 2nd, Chef Katy Parker will teach you to make these breakfast favorites, as well as a delicious smoothie.  You’ll get the recipes and be able to sample each dish. The cost for this demonstration workshop is ONLY $10 per person.

We’re offering TWO sessions of this one-hour workshop at 9:30 and 11:00 am. To reserve your seat in this workshop, call us at 512-266-5666!

Join the French Bistro Cooking Class on Saturday, Feb 6th

Join Chef Cesidio D’Andrea on Saturday, February 6th from 5-7 pm, for a feast of favorite French Bistro Specialties!

Menu includes: Galette de Pommes de Terre, Remoulade de Legumes and Smoked Salmon (Potato Galette served with a mix of Julienned Vegetables in a Remoulade sauce with Smoked Salmon); Classical French Beef Tartars served with a chilled Ratatouille; and for dessert, Chocolate Egg Tartlette with a Berry Coulis.

The cost for this demonstration class is just $59 per person. To reserve your seat, call 512-266-5666.

Improve your Knife Skills with our HANDS ON Knife Skills Class, Sat. January 30th!

Angry pepper sliceDo you get nervous in the kitchen because your cutting skills just aren’t up to par?  Well, here’s your solution… Join us on Saturday, January 30th, as Ethan Hamme of Messermeister Cutlery teaches you to handle your knives like a pro!  Ethan is a true knife professional with years of experience teaching regular people like us how to handle knives.

In this HANDS-ON 1-1/2 hour workshop, you’ll learn to grip, chop, cut, dice, slice, julienne, chiffonade, mince, peel, coarse cut, puree and more! You’ll also learn how to care for your knives, how to use a steel to maintain them, and how to properly clean and store them.

Three sessions of this workshop are offered at 9:30 am, 11:30 am and 2 pm.  The cost is just $25 per person, and the knowledge you’ll gain is priceless. To reserve your seat, call 512-266-5666!

Learn the BASIC TECHNIQUES of Cooking with our 5-Part SIMPLIFY Series Starting January 2016

Katy with ChickenSIMPLIFY 5-Week Hands-On Cooking Class Series, starting Tuesday, January 26th! Would you like to improve your culinary skills in the kitchen? Then this 5-Part Cooking Series with Chef Katy Parker is for you- whether you’re a total beginner, or just looking to brush up on your skills and expand your culinary knowledge! In five relaxed, fun-filled HANDS-ON classes, you’ll learn to prepare healthful, delicious food, while learning about basic cooking equipment and menu planning; knife skills; and how to steam, sauté, roast, slice, dice and chop. No matter what your current level of experience, you’ll become a more capable, confident cook.

Week 1– Knife Skills, Pantry Stocking / Equipment;
Week 2– Advanced Knife Skills, Soups and Stocks, Basic Sauces;
Week 3– Roasting, Saute, Basic Pan Sauce, Emulsions;
Week 4– Searing, Baking, Custards;
Week 5– Grilling, Marinades, Composed Salad, Pasta Making.

Class will meet EACH Tuesday for 5 weeks, and a light meal will be included with each session.

Choose EITHER the Morning session (10 am to Noon)  OR  the Evening Session (6 pm to 8 pm). To reserve your seat, call us at 512-266-5666. Space is limited, so call soon! The cost for this HANDS-ON class series is $249 per person.

Psst… want to add more Fresh Fruits and Vegetables to your daily diet? Take THIS class!

green and red healthy food It’s no secret that fresh produce is incredibly good for you. But sometimes it’s hard to break out of our usual routine and come up with some new ways to feed your family on your own.

We’re here to help!  On Saturday, January 16th from 5-7 pm, join us for a Fresh Start Class: Add Delicious, Fast and Energizing Plant-Based Foods to Your Diet, with Chef Marsha Paisley!  In this Introductory Raw Foods class, we will make several green smoothies (using her Vitamix), an easy and filling salad, a lovely nut pate, a marinara sauce with zucchini “noodles” (spiralizer), hemp brownies and the best carrot cake ever……all without sugar, flour, gluten, soy or eggs.

Chef Marsha isn’t trying to turn everyone into Raw Foodists, but rather she wants to show everyone how simple it is to increase the amount of fresh produce in your daily life. Her creative, delicious recipes will make a believer of you! Recipes and small meal provided. The cost for this demonstration class is $49 per person.

Do you have a Baker on your list this holiday season? Give the gift of a Bundt Cake Pan!

bundt_cakeMaking beautiful cakes is easy when you let the Bundt pan do the work for you!

It’s simple to make an elegant dessert! Choose a beautiful Bundt pan, bake your cake, then put on a tasty glaze and a few decorative accents, and you have a dessert fit for any holiday occasion.

Nordicware Bundt Pans are proudly made in the USA of sturdy aluminum with a nonstick coating. They have lots of fine detail, but with a good spritz of “Baker’s Joy“, the cakes pop out easily with the design cleanly defined.

The Classic Bundt is always appropriate, or try one of their fun designs like the Rose, Heart, Bavaria or the new Square. ($32.99-$39.99)

If you’re bringing your cake to a party, or just need a place to store it, check out our Bundt Keepers! ($22.99)