Capture the Taste of Thai Food- Cooking Class Wednesday, April 1st!

Thai Fried Rice 227x300 Capture the Taste of Thai Food  Cooking Class Wednesday, April 1st!Thai food is known for its interplay of flavors, spices and colorful appearance. In this class with Chef Katy Parker, you’ll learn to use traditional Thai ingredients to bring out the most flavor and complexity in your dishes.

The menu for this class includes: Thai-Style Mussels; Shrimp, Pineapple and Basil Fried Rice, and for dessert, Thai Iced Coffee with Tea Cookies.  Class runs from 6-8 pm. The cost for this demonstration class is $49 per person.

To reserve your seat, call 512-266-5666 TODAY!

Polish Pottery Easter Bunnies and Handpainted Wood Easter Eggs!

How cute are these?  Well, if it’s any indication, all of us who work here are buying them- and we’re pretty darn picky.  But these are simply irresistible.

Add a bright flash of color to your Easter table with gorgeously colored wooden eggs!  At just $3.99 apiece, you can get several to nestle into a basket– or put one at each person’s place at your Easter Sunday dinner table.  You’ll love the vivid shades and unique designs!

The Polish Easter Bunnies are adorable, just three inches tall and available in several different designs as well.  These sell for just $19.99, which is an amazing price for Polish Pottery.

Polish Easter sm e1426545044878 Polish Pottery Easter Bunnies and Handpainted Wood Easter Eggs!

A Smoking Hot Deal on a Popular-size French Oven from Le Creuset!

Marseille 3.5 wide 300x176 A Smoking Hot Deal on a Popular size French Oven from Le Creuset!

Le Creuset 3.5 Qt. Oven in Marseille Blue, just $180!

It’s time for a SPECIAL PROMOTION on a great Le Creuset piece!  The Le Creuset Signature 3.5 Qt. Cast Iron Wide Dutch Oven is perfect for making soups, chili, Braised meats, rice dishes, casseroles, roasts, quiches, one pot meals, baked recipes, desserts, cakes and breads. The price for this piece is regularly $250, but right now it can be yours for just $180- a savings of $70!

The advanced interior enamel is engineered to resist staining, dulling, and is easy to clean. The light sand-color interior makes it easy to monitor food as it cooks to prevent burning or sticking. Improved larger handles, makes it easier to grip when wearing oven mitts and also distributes the weight more evenly.

Other features include a new engineered lid, with built-in lid stabilizers to seal in flavors and fit more securely, and knob that is heat resistant up to 500°. Made in France with a lifetime warranty.

We have it in Cherry (Red), Marseille (Blue) and Caribbean (Turquoise).  Hurry in for your favorite color TODAY!


You’ll Chop like a PRO when you take our $35 HANDS-ON Knife Skills Class on Saturday, March 21st!

iStock Knife Onions 200x300 Youll Chop like a PRO when you take our $35 HANDS ON Knife Skills Class on Saturday, March 21st!Do you get nervous in the kitchen because your cutting skills just aren’t up to par?  Well, here’s your solution… Join us on Saturday, March 21st, as Ethan Hamme of Messermeister Cutlery teaches you to handle your knives like a pro!  Ethan is a true knife professional with years of experience teaching regular people like us how to handle knives like a pro.

In this HANDS-ON 1-1/2 hour workshop, you’ll learn to grip, chop, cut, dice, slice, julienne, chiffonade, mince, peel, coarse cut, puree and more!  We’ve added more techniques to make this class even MORE useful to you.  You’ll also learn how to care for your knives, how to use a steel to maintain them, and how to properly clean and store them so that you’ll have your quality knives for years to come.

Knives, boards and produce to chop will be provided. We suggest that you wear closed-toe shoes for this class.

Two sessions of this workshop are offered at 9:30 am (SOLD OUT), 11:30 am (2 Seats Reamain) and 2pm (just opened up).  The cost is just $35 per person, and the knowledge you’ll gain is priceless.

To register, call us at 512-266-5666!

Our Simplify 5-Part HANDS-ON Cooking Class Series is back in April 2015!

Cooking Class Istock 207x300 Our Simplify 5 Part HANDS ON Cooking Class Series is back in April 2015!Would you like to improve your skills in the kitchen? Then this 5-Part Cooking Class Series with Chef Katy Parker is for you- whether you’re a total beginner, or just looking to brush up on your skills and expand your culinary knowledge!

Week 1 (Thurs. April 2)- Knife Skills, Pantry Stocking and Equipment, Deboning Chickens

Week 2 (Thurs. April 9)- Knife Skills continued, Soups and Stocks, Basic Sauces

Week 3 (Thurs. April 16)- Roasting, Sautéing, Basic pan sauces, Emulsions

Week 4 (Thurs. April 23)- Searing, Baking, and Custards

Week 5 (Thurs. April 30)- Grilling, Marinades, Composed Salads, Pasta Making

In five relaxed, fun-filled HANDS-ON classes, you’ll learn to prepare healthful, delicious food, while learning about basic cooking equipment and menu planning; knife skills; and how to steam, sauté, roast, slice, dice and chop. No matter what your current level of experience, you’ll become a more capable, confident cook.

Class will meet EACH Thursday for 5 weeks, and a light meal will be included with each session. Choose EITHER the Morning session (10 am to Noon) OR the Evening Session (6 pm to 8 pm.) The cost for this 5-Week Hands-on Cooking Series is $249 per person.

To reserve your seat, call us at 512-266-5666, press 3. Space is limited, so call soon!

Clean BETTER, SMARTER and HEALTHIER with e-Cloth!

eCloth 242x300 Clean BETTER, SMARTER and HEALTHIER with e Cloth!The fabulous e-Cloths clean with JUST WATER, no chemicals necessary!  Unlike normal cloths that push dirt, dust and grime around, e-Cloth actually REMOVES it.  Their unique fiber technology combines with water to break up, lift and remove fingerprints, smudges, oil and more than ordinary cleaning cloths leave behind.  And since you’re using just water, there is no chemical residue left behind.  You’ll save money because you can use your e-Cloth over and over again.

We were skeptical until we tried using the e-Cloth.  I was able to clean a whole wall of windows in less time than it usually took me to do just one, and they were sparkling clean with NO STREAKS.  In addition to glass, there are different textured e-Cloths for Stainless Steel, general Kitchen Cleaning, Bathrooms, a Non-Scratch Scouring Cloth, and more. Choose the e-Cloth that’s right for you. Prices start at $7.99.

Caring for your e-Cloth is easy- just a hot rinse under a faucet is enough for day-to-day use.  For a more thorough cleaning, machine wash with detergent (no bleach or fabric softener) on high heat, rinse, and tumble or hang to dry.  Come in and check out the e-Cloth assortment and make your Spring cleaning faster, easier and healthier!

Pizza Workshops NEXT SATURDAY, March 7th- Just $10!

iStock Pizza 200x300 Pizza Workshops NEXT SATURDAY, March 7th  Just $10!Getting pizza delivered is always fun, but what if you could have BETTER pizza, for LESS MONEY, and get it JUST THE WAY YOU WANT IT? No fear! Take this $10 demonstration workshop with Chef Katy Parker, and you’ll transform your kitchen or back yard into your own favorite pizzeria.

Chef Katy will show you how to make perfect pizza crust, teach you to make simple sauces, and then use those sauces to make two different pizzas.  She’ll show you how you can cook your pizza in your oven or on the grill. You’ll get all of the recipes, learn all of the steps, and get to sample each dish.

We’re offering 3 sessions of this one-hour demonstration-style workshop at 9:30, 11:00, and 12:30, and the cost is just $10 per person. To register, call us at 512-266-5666 TODAY!

This is a great workshop to bring your kids to, as well- they’ll love learning to make something that they love to eat!

Enjoy a Succulent Slow-Roasted Pork Cooking Class this Wednesday night!

iStock Roast Pork 209x300 Enjoy a Succulent Slow Roasted Pork Cooking Class this Wednesday night!Ah, pork. When well-prepared, this delicious, delicate dish can shine with flavor… but the key is all in the proper cooking, or you’re left with a dry, unsavory hunk of meat.  Join Chef Andrew Brooks on THIS Wednesday, February 25th from 6-8 pm as he shows you how to prepare one of his favorite pork dishes to perfection. This would make a wonderful meal to prepare for guests, or for a memorable family dinner!

The menu for this class includes: Creamy Roasted Sunchoke Chowder; Succulent Slow Roasted Pork Pot Roast with Carrots, Onions, Garlic and Celery; Carrot Risotto Croquettes; and for dessert, Chocolate Pots de Creme.  The cost for this demonstration class is $49 per person. Bring a bottle of wine and enjoy letting the chef do the cooking as you learn!  To reserve your seat, call 512-266-5666 x 3.

What do the Green Ribbons mean at Faraday’s?

Ribbon 189x300 What do the Green Ribbons mean at Faradays?We get the question every day-   “What’s the newest, latest, greatest gadget around?”.  Everyone wants to be on the leading edge of whatever’s fresh and new, and face it, we’re all crazy for cool kitchen gadgets. So we’ve made it easy for you to find the answer… just look for the Green Ribbons!

You’ll see them all over the store- little green ribbons tucked into the price clips for various items.  A green ribbon means that the item is NEW to us- a great way to seek out all the latest things we’ve gotten in stock.  From books to knives, baking tools to saucepans, they’re all marked with a bright green ribbon if they’re new (new to us, or new to the market in general).

So when you’re walking around the store, make sure to glance at the green ribbon items so you’re totally up to date!

Add ZIP to your drinking water with a Citrus Zinger Hydration Bottle!


zing 188x300 Add ZIP to your drinking water with a Citrus Zinger Hydration Bottle!We’re all trying to make more health-minded choices at home, at work, or while on the go.   Instead of choosing beverages with artificial flavors or high fructose corn syrup, try using a Zing Anything Citrus Zinger Hydration Bottle to make yummy citrus-infused drinks with:

*no artificial flavors
 *no artificial colorings or dyes
 *no refined sugars
 *all-natural ingredients

Each Zinger is an environmentally-friendly water bottle that is easy to clean and beneficial to your daily nutritional needs.  You can get them with or without built-in straws, in several different colors.

The Citrus Zinger is easy to use. Cut average sized lemons, limes or small oranges into halves. Unscrew the bottom cup to expose the citrus press. Turn the Citrus Zinger on it’s cap-side head and twist/press citrus halves into the bottle.

Leave citrus inside for extra Zing. Replace and tighten the bottom cup.
Fill with cold filtered water, replace cap and shake it up. Voila!  Delicious, citrus-infused water!  ($17.99- $19.99)