Jura’s new Impressa C60 Coffee Maker- Big Machine performance at a Smaller Machine price!

Jura C60 Juras new Impressa C60 Coffee Maker  Big Machine performance at a Smaller Machine price!Turn, press, enjoy – that’s how easy it is to enter the world of IMPRESSA! With the one-switch operating concept of the Rotary Switch and the 11-language plain text display, it’s easy to create the perfect coffee every time.  Jura’s new Impressa C60 is simple and elegant. Operating it couldn’t be easier- A rotary switch combined with a plain text display allows you to brew a perfect cup of coffee at the touch of a button. You can choose the size and strength of coffee you desire by adjusting the amount of water or coffee used.

The C60 features an integrated, commercial quality steel burr grinder with 6 fineness settings, as well as Jura’s Fine Foam Frothing technology for delicious cappuccino and latte.

Self-monitoring rinsing, cleaning and descaling programs make it easy to keep the IMPRESSA C60 in top condition. All setting and activities are permanently stored in a built-in memory system.

The Jura Impressa C60 Coffee Center  features a straightforward, compact design with a elegant combination of matte and gloss black styling with chrome accents. Top quality components and Swiss craftsmanship ensure a machine with excellent performance and durability.

If you’re looking for a smaller automatic coffee center with the features of a larger machine at a lower price, you should definitely take a look at the Jura C60! ($999)


New from Trudeau- the redesigned Pepper & Salt Graviti Plus Mills!

Graviti Plus New from Trudeau  the redesigned Pepper & Salt Graviti Plus Mills!Trudeau has introduced the next generation of their popular Pepper and Salt Graviti Mills with the Graviti Plus!  This battery operated mill has an easy one-hand operation. No button. No effort. No mess. Simply flip it upside down and the mill automatically starts grinding, illuminated by a LED light that’s also gravity-activated! The grinding mechanism is on the TOP of the mill, which means no more pepper or salt all over the tabletop when you set it down.

The grinder first cuts the peppercorns, enriching the flavor, and then grinds them perfectly.  An adjustment knob on the top allows you to select the perfect grind for you. With a ceramic grinding mechanism, the Graviti Plus mill can also be used for salt or any other dry spice.

Trudeau’s Graviti Plus Mills now have larger filing chambers so you refill less often and a large adjustment knob to easily change the grind level. Six AAA batteries go into a separate compartment, so no more spilling pepper or salt while trying to change the batteries.

We have the chrome Graviti Plus mill for both pepper and salt. At $39.99 each, they’re a great addition to your kitchen!

NEW Cooking Class – Interior Mexican on Wednesday, Aug. 27, 2014

Interior Mex for Blog NEW Cooking Class   Interior Mexican on Wednesday, Aug. 27, 2014

Mole… that spicy, flavorful thick sauce that is so intrinsic to authentic Mexican cuisine, may seem intimidating to make with its arm-long list of ingredients, but Chef Katy Parker will show you how to do it yourself! Join her for an Interior Mexican cooking class on Wednesday night, August 27th from 6 pm to 8 pm, where the menu will include: Jicama Salad with a Citrus Vinaigrette, Mole Poblano con Pollo (Chicken Mole, Pueblo-style) with Mexican Rice, Mexican-style Succotash with Corn, Black Beans and Nopalitas; and for dessert, Mexican Chocolate Brownie Sundaes.

The cost for this demonstration class is $49 per person.  To reserve your seats, call 512-266-5666 TODAY!

NEW Laguiole Steak Knife Sets by Trudeau- Elegance for your table!

Laguiole NEW Laguiole Steak Knife Sets by Trudeau  Elegance for your table!Lag-wee-OLE?

Laguiole, pronounced “La YULE”, is a village in France renowned for its artisanal hand-finished cutlery and corkscrews. Inspired by this region of the world, the Trudeau Laguiole collection has preserved the craftsmanship in its manufacturing process. Most of the metal is forged, then finished and assembled by hand.

Trudeau’s set of 6 Laguiole Steak Knives lets you cleanly slice through thick steaks and chops cleanly with no drag or tearing of the meat. The blades are forged of high-quality stainless steel, with a full tang for durability.  The serrated blades are razor-sharp and resist staining and rust.  Ergonomic handles are hand finished, with a tiny Bee motif on the bolster- a symbol of Napoleon Bonaparte.

These steak knives will lend an elegant touch to your dinner table, with handles available in either Pakka wood (shown) or Black horn. A set of six is $99.99.

It’s recommended that these knives be hand-washed (but never soaked) to keep them sharp and beautiful for years to come. Trudeau offers a 5-year warranty.


Party on with your own Reusable Red Party Cup; Cool USA Innovation!

Party Cup Party on with your own Reusable Red Party Cup; Cool USA Innovation!Nothing brings down a summer party like warm drinks! The Double Wall Reusable Red Party Cup by Trudeau is a party approved, American symbol of celebration and good times. The Reusable Red Party Cup is similar in look, but not feel, to the iconic disposable red cup. But, unlike the disposable version, this new 16 oz. cup is 100-percent reusable, sturdy, chip-resistant and has a thicker body and smooth, comfortable drinking lip for easy sipping.  A symbol of sharing great times and fond memories at gatherings and events, the reusable red party cup is perfect for your next outdoor barbeque, party or celebration of any season.

Made proudly in the USA, the Double-Layered insulated Red Party Cup is good for hot or cold drinks.  You can also purchase a lid/straw combination- the straw has a “stopper” to keep it from separating from the lid. Cups are top-rack dishwasher safe and BPA Free, and feature a 5 year warranty to keep the party rolling! Reusable Red Party Cups are just $4.99 (WOW!), so you can get enough for the whole crowd.  Lids w/straws are $2.99.

The Capresso EC PRO Espresso Maker– when you’re Short on Space, and Big on Espresso.

Capresso EC PRO 254x300 The Capresso EC PRO Espresso Maker   when youre Short on Space, and Big on Espresso.When it comes to brewing cafe-quality espresso and cappuccino in your own home, Capresso is the right choice. The NEW Capresso EC PRO Professional Espresso & Cappuccino Machine features an advanced pump boiler system and two unique filter choices to give you the most control over your brew. With a host of unique features and plenty of great accessories and add-ons, this commercial-grade  home brewing system is designed to be the last espresso machine that you’ll ever need!

The Capresso ECPRO features an extremely advanced boiler system that is designed to provide the perfect amount of hot water. This special state-of-the-art boiler system increases brewing pressure and temperature stability and gives a perfect 15 bar pump pressure to provide you with a very consistent and excellent quality espresso, with a rich crema, each and every time. The commercial style power frother provides perfectly foamed or steamed milk to give you the perfect cappuccino or latte.

The Capresso EC PRO is equipped with two filter options that allow any skill level to prepare barista-quality espresso. The heavy-duty double spout espresso filter, designed for beginners, is convenient and easy to use, brewing one or two espressos at a time. The filter’s sieve helps produce an ideal brew quickly and easily by creating optimal brewing pressure without the need for the perfect tamp or grind size (although this always helps).

For expert home brewers and those looking to improve their barista abilities, the EC PRO’s bottomless espresso filter lets users brew “barista style” and truly step up their espresso brewing skills.  Unlike the double spout filter sieve, the pressure in this sieve is built up based on grind size and tamp. The bottomless sieve produces a richer, thicker crema and a hotter brew, because the espresso has less contact with the heat-leeching surfaces of the portafilter.

A 15 bar vibrating water pump ensures authentic crema-topped espresso every time. And the self-locking filter holder makes the portafilter a perfect fit every time. Just insert and turn the filter holder until it clicks.

Capresso’s unparalleled customer service with evening, week-day and even Saturday hours means that all of your pressing coffee questions get answered whenever you are in need. Capresso ECPRO Espresso Machines come standard with an exclusive 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Up your game in the espresso world with the Capresso EC PRO. ($249.99)

NEW from Vitamix- the S30 High Performance Personal Blender!

VItamix S30 300x300 NEW from Vitamix  the S30 High Performance Personal Blender!

You’ve been asking for it, and now Vitamix has it!

The new Vitamix S30 High Performance Personal Blender can handle nearly any blending need while taking up just a tiny bit of counter space. With a 40 oz. blender carafe as well as a 20 oz. insulated blending cup that doubles as a travel cup, the S30’s powerful 790-watt motor can handle ice, whole food ingredients, or nearly anything else you can throw at it. You get powerful, high-performance blending with the added versatility of two interchangeable containers and a space-saving design that takes up little room on the countertop. The base measures just 6” x 8”!

  •          Advanced, compact unit features an all-metal coupling between the container and base– and the signature blades that make every Vitamix so great.
  •          Variable speed operation with a pulse feature gives you precise control whether you’re blending or chopping.
  •          20-oz. double-insulated blending container blends a single serving and doubles as a travel cup. Ideal for cold beverages on the go! Additional 20 oz. containers are available separately.
  •          Compact 40 oz. traditional blending container creates soups, sauces and more for small family meals. Comes with a tamper for thicker, denser ingredients.
  •          The machine turns off automatically when the container is lifted or rocked from the base while you’re blending, thanks to a Safety Interlock System.
  •          Cookbook included features recipes for drinks, dips, sauces, soups and more.
  •          5-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  •          Proudly made in the USA!

The Vitamix S30 sells for $399.99 Extra 20 oz. blending cups are available for $29.99.

ALL-NEW Polish Pottery- a beautiful accent for your table!

Polish 1 210x300 ALL NEW Polish Pottery  a beautiful accent for your table!We’ve recently introduced a fine line of authentic pottery, made in Boleslawiec, Poland. Polish Pottery is stoneware, made from white clay and fired twice at very high temperatures. This double-firing  makes it very durable and functional. Each piece is safe for use in the oven, microwave and dishwasher, and perfect for daily use. Glazes are lead and cadmium free.

The artists use a method of hand stamping with sponge stencils to create the patterns. The traditional designs were based on the eye of the peacock feather, the peacock having been a sign of prosperity and wealth. Newer designs are more complicated, using more shapes and colors to create geometric and floral designs. As the designs become more complicated, so does the artist’s skill, thus the difference in pricing between various pieces. Polish Pottery pieces are valued collectibles.

Thanks to the similar color palette and repeated design motifs,  Polish Pottery is easy to mix and match. Don’t worry about having everything be in the same design- pairing different design pieces makes each stand out as a piece of individual usable art. We have ramekins, bowls, casseroles, platters, serving dishes and much more on hand. Small pieces of Polish Pottery start at $15 and range upward of $150 for larger, more ornate pieces.  Start your collection TODAY while we have our best assortment!

Get Twisted with the Garlic Twist!

Garlic Twist Get Twisted with the Garlic Twist!The Garlic Twist is a handy little tool that is fun and easy to use. Already a winner of numerous industry awards, the Garlic Twist has been updated inside and out.

Consisting of just two parts and made of heavy, durable polycarbonate with cross-cutting teeth to do the hard work for you, the Garlic Twist makes it easy to mince garlic, ginger, carrots, shallots and peppers in seconds. Just place a clove or two of garlic in the Garlic Twist, and twist the top back and forth.  The more you twist, the finer the mince.

The Garlic Twist is designed to replace the messy, problem-prone garlic press or the tedious hand-mincing of garlic using a chef’s knife. There is no waste of garlic and it rinses easily.  Best of all, it’s *Made in the USA!*  Now just $19.99-  and you won’t miss your garlic press at all.

Paella Class with Chef Fer Candil – Wednesday, Sept. 10th

iStock Paella091014 300x199 Paella Class with Chef Fer Candil   Wednesday, Sept. 10thIt’s always a party when Chef Fer Candil brings her Paella skills to Faraday’s- and that party will be happening on Wednesday, September 10th from 6-8:30 pm! Her delicious paellas are prepared with love, using the skills she learned in her native Spain. The complex, rich flavor will satisfy the most demanding palate.

Menu for this demonstration class includes: Champignones al ajillo (Garlic Mushrooms); Paella Valenciana (Seafood Paella with chicken); and for dessert, Manzanas asadas con salsa de vainilla (Baked apples with vanilla cream).

The cost for this class is $49 per person.  To reserve your seat, call 512-266-5666 TODAY- this is sure to sell out quickly!