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Alfa Brio 27" Gas-Fueled Pizza Oven - Fire Yellow

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The Brio Gas Oven gives you the ability to cook wonderful pizzas, as well as, many other dishes with the experience of using a pizza oven, but without the hassle of wood fires. Now using a fire to cook pizzas in Alfa's other ovens is not extremely hard, but sometimes you just want to turn a nob and get to cooking in 20 min. That is What the Brio offers you, an easy to start up, and easy cleanup after you are so full from the great meal you just cooked. It takes only 20 min for the oven to heat up to it's max temperature of 1000F+. It is able to reach these temperatures due to its burner that runs at 71,000 BTUs/hr.The Brio Oven gives you enough room to cook two pizzas at a time. With a cooking space of 27.5" wide by 19.7" deep you will have plenty of space for your two pizzas or for multiple dishes if the night is not pizza night. The Brio oven will become you new favorite way to cook, and will be the centerpiece of your backyard.

The Brio Gas Oven comes propane ready, but the conversion kit to natural gas is included.
The cooking chamber reflector is entirely made of reinforced stainless steel.
A proprietary mix of European Ceramic Fiber insulation is used in these ovens to ensure quick heating and the cooking temp is maintained.
The oven floor firebricks are specially developed to gradually absorb and release heat to guarantee even cooking throughout the oven.
The Alfa Forni pyrometer facilitates the accurate measurement of the temperature according to the type of cooking.
The door comes with a window for easy monitoring of the food cooking even when it's closed.
Unpack the oven, attach the chimney, screw on the leveling feet and you are ready to fire up your oven!

Width: 39.25 in
Depth: 28.6 in
Total Height: 43.9 in
Weight: 215 lbs
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