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Amco 4-In-1 Meat Tenderizer

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The Amco 4-In-1- Meat Tenderizer is perfect to use to tenderize or marinate meats, chicken and fish. Tenderizing breaks down meat fibers, making each serving more tender while retaining more natural juices. For tougher cuts of meat (chuck roast) use the large pyramids and for more delicate cuts (sirloin steak) use the small pyramids. The flat side is perfect to pound out thinner cuts of meats such as chicken, veal and fish for uniform thickness and even cooking. Use the marinator spikes on the end for faster penetration of marinades in all cuts of meat, poultry and fish. This process will also result in more even cooking of the meat and reduce your cooking times. After using the marinator spikes, place meat in marinade for 20-minute to infuse flavor.

Amco Houseworks has been making cooking easier since the 1970s. It’s a commitment that’s earned it the love and respect of professional and home cooks around the world. They specialize in combining precision and performance to create stylishly designed premium kitchen tools. Their products while innovative, are intuitive and easy to use for the cooking enthusiast.