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Constructive Eating Dino Utensil Pack

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Whether your child is captivated by dinosaur movies, loves stomping around the dining room like a T-Rex, or secretly just wishes they were a dinosaur, this line is perfect for your little one! The patented Constructive Eating Dino Utensil's textured handles make it easy for small hands to hang onto the Dino Fork, Dino Spoon, and Dino Pusher. When used with the Dino Plate (sold separately) navigating across a plate will be a breeze. Help your child reach eating independence with these fun, interactive tools!

Constructive Eating began when one of the founders' children fell in love with construction equipment. Anything and everything became focused on construction! His parents thought, "What if breakfast, lunch, and dinner involved his new favorite obsession?" Carter and Jackie Malcom put on their entrepreneurial hardhats and designed the fleet of Construction Utensils, and so began Constructive Eating! Since those early days, Constructive Eating has added several award-winning products, all manufactured in the USA and still owned by the same family!