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Dizzy Pig Pineapple Head Rub

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Dizzy Pig's Pineapple Head is the culinary treat that keepson giving! Originally intended for grilling fruit, cooks devoted to Dizzy Pig are finding more and more uses as the days go by. With a little bit of heat to complement the sweet, it is the ideal complement to a plethora of things! Try it on kettle corn, ham, butternut squash, grilled peaches, and vanilla ice cream! There is no limit to the spicy goodness this rub imparts to all the finer things in life! Each shaker bottle contains 8 oz. Made in the USA.

Ingredients: Demerara sugar, spices, chiles, lemon peel, salt.

Dizzy Pig, a Manassas, VA based barbecue company that specializes in high quality handmade fresh ground BBQ rubs, was founded when owner Chris Capell was looking for a way to spice up his life through a career change. His passion was barbecue, and the company that he helped to create produces dry rubs for grilling meat, chicken, and fish. Blending ingredients that provide a delicious and balanced flavor for your food is what Dizzy Pig does best- they create art with spices! And unlike mass-produced seasonings, Dizzy Pig seasonings generally contain less than 20% salt.