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Finex 12" Octagonal Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet w/ Speed Cool Spring Handle and Cover

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Designed and created with exceptional craftsmanship, this FINEX SL12-10001 12" octagonal pre-seasoned cast iron skillet with speed cool handle and cover delivers hard-working cooking performance guaranteed for a lifetime! Combining the experience of old-fashioned practices with the innovation of a one-of-a-kind, patented, octagonal multi-pour modern design, each piece from FINEX boasts quality and integrity. In addition to being made from heavy gauge premium cast iron for superior heat retention and distribution for consistent, even heating, this skillet features an ergonomic 300 series stainless steel "speed cool" spring handle and helper tab so you can move this piece from oven to table with ease. Inspired by vintage wood stove door handles, the handles in this collection bring a high-end unique feel and are hand polished for an exceptional shine. Impress your guests with tableside presentations at trendy bistros or high-end restaurants. Also great for display cooking or special events, this skillet is a striking addition to your cookware collection.

Perfect for grilling, searing, or blackening meats and vegetables, this skillet does it all! The eight rounded corners serve as pour spouts to make it easy to remove access liquids, while the flat edges allow you to get a spatula behind the crust of your pizza and other baked goods to ensure you are savoring every last bite of your mouthwatering creations. These angled sides also allow you to make the most of limited space when trying to put your skillets in a crowded oven.

Each piece is pre-seasoned by hand with 100% organic flaxseed oil for a smooth, durable, easy-release finish that resists sticking and rust for optimal performance. The two stage proprietary stone polished process delivers an easy cleaning and seasoned cooking surface that refines the iron's sand-cast origin. The pre-seasoning process makes this skillet ready to use as soon as you get it, eliminating wasted time and allowing you to get started right away. Whether your chef is cooking over an open fire for a special event or creating culinary creations in-house on an electric, gas, or induction cooktop, this cast iron piece has the utmost versatility, making it a staple in any kitchen.

Oven mitts and pot holders are recommended to protect hands from cast iron pieces straight out of the oven or right off of the stovetop or fire. The included cover has self-basting rings on the underside to collect steam that boils off and drip it evenly back onto your dish to avoid soggy edges and a dry center in slow cooking recipes. Additionally, the cover has a heavy inner lip that nests securely inside your dutch oven, sealing up tight to lock in heat and moisture, enhancing and retaining flavors during the cooking process. You also have the option to slightly offset the cover to provide evenly spaced steam vents so each dish is cooked to perfection.

FINEX cast iron cookware is dedicated to honoring the hardworking history of American cast iron. With a strong belief in intentional design, FINEX cast iron cookware boasts quality and functionality to bring chefs the best on the market. Each piece of cast iron from this collection outperforms any other cookware while the aesthetically pleasing design makes a bold statement your guests will never forget. Orchestrate a genuine dining experience with FINEX cast iron cookware!