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Green Mountain Grill Thin Blue Smoke Tube

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No smoker, no problem. Convert any barbecue or grill into a smoker with Green Mountain Grills Expandable Thin Blue BBQ Grill Smoker Tube with Wood Pellets. Compatible with all gas, charcoal,and pellet grills. If you're looking to create authentic, delicious, smoky wood flavors, but don't have the right smoker to do so, look no further than this ultra-thin smoker tube. Easily install this smoker tube in your grill, place and light with hardwood pellets, and let them do the hard work for you. This fully expandable tube adjusts from 11 to 18 inches to accommodate different grill sizes and smoking duration so you can accomplish the perfect char in every use. When it's time for the next family get-together, effortlessly cold smoke cheeses, seeds, nuts and hot smoke steaks, chicken, and pork with Green Mountain Grills Grill Smoker Tube.