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Lynx Pecan Smoking Chips - 26oz

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Enhance your grilling or smoking experience with Lynx Sonoma Blend Pecan Smoking Wood Chips. Using wood chips add flavor to your food while grilling or smoking.
Add to your smoker box on your gas grill, to the charcoal on your charcoal grill or directly into smoker to give your food a fruity, sweet smoky taste. Soak in your favorite wine, juice or other liquids and spices to give extra flavor and infuse a bit of moisture back into food. Works great with pork, fish or game birds, but can be used with all types of food.

Uses proprietary blend of wood chips, charcoal and pellets
Specially designed for use with the Lynx Sonoma Smoker
Smoking lasts up to 6 hours
One pound bag

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