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Nordic Ware Naturals Aluminum Rectangular Cake Pan with Lid

SKU NORD-46603
The Nordic Ware Naturals 9" x 13 " Rectangular Cake Pan provides home bakers with an easy way to bake moist cakes, brownies, and treats from the comforts of home. TheNaturals line is made of pure aluminum which will never rust for a lifetime of durability. Baked goods rise and bake evenly due to the superior heat conductivity. Each pan is reinforced with an encapsulated steel rim which prevents warping. Think outside the box and use this pan for everyday casseroles and roasts! Each pan includes a heavy-duty plastic lid to provide easy transport and storage. Made in the USA!

Nordic Ware is proudly manufacturing most of its products in Minneapolis. Their original Scandinavian products have been joined by hundreds of other items in Nordic Ware's product offering, ranging from bakeware and cookware to microwave products and grilling accessories. They are proud to say that they are family-owned and operated, with three generations involved in the business, and each year Nordic Ware adds innovative items to their expansive kitchenware line.