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Rub With Love Veggie Rub

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Who says veggies can't be the star of the show? This robust mix of savory herbs, onions, and mustard will turn you into a veggie addict! Each jar contains 3.5 oz of seasoning. Made in the USA.

Ingredients: Flake salt, minced dried onion, fennel seed, coriander, coarse red pepper, lemon peel powder, mustard powder, granulated garlic, black pepper, marjoram.

Tom Douglas, noted Seattle-based chef, has been cooking up Pacific Northwest cuisine since 1984. He first introduced Rub with Love after being asked countless times to reveal the secret ingredient in Etta's Spice Rubbed Salmon. (It is a warm and sweet blend of smoked paprika that he smokes in house, with brown sugar, Kosher salt, black pepper, and thyme.) Since then, he has created a whole range of fresh, handcrafted, versatile rubs, sauces, and mustards that add a flavorful kick and a whole lot of love to just about any meat, fish, or vegetable!