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SIMPLIFY 5 Week Cooking Class Series with Chef Heidi Wittenborn, starts Saturday, April 2nd, 11 am

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SIMPLIFY! Beginning Saturday, April 2nd: Our SIMPLIFY 5-Week Hands-on Cooking Class Series! Would you like to improve your skills in the kitchen? Then this 5-part Spring Cooking Series with Chef Heidi Wittenborn is for you - whether you're a total beginner, or just looking to brush up on your skills and expand your culinary knowledge. In five relaxed, fun-filled HANDS-ON classes, you'll learn to prepare healthful, delicious food, while learning about basic cooking equipment, how to set up your pantry, menu planning, knife skills, and how to Steam, Saute, Roast, Slice, Dice and Chop... and a LOT more! No matter your current level of experience, you'll become a more capable, confident cook.

Week 1– Knife Skills, Pantry Stocking, Kitchen Equipment. Week 2– Advanced Knife Skills, Stocks, and Flavor Bases such as Mirepoix, Holy Trinity, Sofritos, Curry Pastes, Harissa. Week 3– Blanching, Steaming, Saute & Reverse Saute, Egg Basics. Week 4– Searing, Roasting, Pan Frying, Basic Pan Sauces, Baking, Custards. Week 5– Grilling, Marinades and Rubs, Composed Salad, Emulsions, Pasta Making.

Class will meet each Saturday from 11 am to 1 pm for five weeks starting April 2nd, and a light meal will be included with each session. The cost for this hands-on Class Series is $269 per person.

Below are our COVID policies for cooking classes. These policies may change by the time classes begin, depending on the situation at that time. Please check our website for the latest.

By signing up for a Cooking Class at Faraday’s, you agree to follow and comply with the below Requirements & COVID Policies – PLEASE READ:

Faraday’s Class Cancellation Policy

We understand that life happens and emergencies do occur. However, we also hope you understand our commitment to all of our students and the preparation that goes into creating a successful class. For this reason, we ask that if you are unable to attend this series, you must notify us at least 72 hours in advance of the first scheduled class time to receive a full refund or credit towards another class. If you cannot attend and have less than 72 hours until it begins, we encourage you to send someone in your place. In that event, please call ahead and notify us of the participant change. If you are ill or have COVID concerns and notify us less than 72 hours before class, we will give you a CREDIT of 50% of your class fee toward a future class. Reservations for groups of 5 or more require 7-day notice of cancellation for a refund.

Absences for individual sessions in a series are nonrefundable.

Faraday’s Kitchen Store reserves the right to cancel classes. In that event, we will notify you and provide a full refund or credit. All classes are held in our store at 12918 Shops Parkway, Suite 540, Bee Cave, TX 78738.

During Class:

When you arrive for class, please stop at the register for a staff member to check you in.

We will be sanitizing/ washing/ disinfecting all tools, workstations, seating areas and equipment before class and throughout class, as appropriate. The kitchen area will be blocked off until 10 minutes before class begins.

City of Austin Health Code regulations require that no food be taken home after class.

Understand the risks:

Although we are doing everything in our power to keep you safe (frequent hand washing, cleaning all the surfaces before each class, requiring face coverings), any social activity is a risk given the current situation. If you are in a high-risk group, we strongly suggest you hold off on cooking classes until vaccinated.

Additional information for Hands-on Classes:

Please bring an apron from home if you wish to wear one. We will not have them available to borrow. Use effective hand-washing and sanitizing procedures: Hands must be washed for 20 seconds before any food is handled. Food safety gloves will be provided and must be worn when handling any food.

Face masks must be worn at all times when cooking and may only be removed when you have been seated to eat at the end of the class. Respect social distancing between groups, please. Wear closed toe shoes for safety. If your hair is shoulder length or longer, it must be pulled back (hair must be secured firmly so no touching is needed).