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Tilt & Drip Green Glass Tea Infuser Mug

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It is easy to make a good cup of tea with the CasaWare Tilt and Drip Blue Glass Tea Infuser Mug. Just tilt the infuser and rest the V-Shaped clip on the mug to easily drain tea in minutes without holding the infuser. The extra-fine stainless-steel mesh infuser provides excellent water flow and plenty of room for tea leaves to expand and bloom. The multi-functional lid also serves as a small dish for loose tea leaves and teabags and also doubles up as an infuser holder. The silicone rim of the mug insulates heat and makes the infuser comfortable to touch. Each mug is made of glass that allows you to see the color and strength of your tea, as well as making clean-up easy. 18-oz capacity. Mug comes with Green Glass Handle.

CasaWare is made up of a small team of entrepreneurs who are passionate about baking and making great tea and coffee. The believe that products must make a difference, rather than just fill a shelf space. Their vision is to create affordable and innovative products for every kitchen.