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Vesta Precision Sous Vide Immersion Circulator - Imersa Elite - WIFI

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The smart Wi-Fi-enabled Imersa Elite Sous Vide is a more robust electric immersion circulator designed for advanced sous vide cooking and can efficiently heat up to 30 liters of water. Simply attach the Imersa Elite to a stockpot or large plastic container filled with water, set the temperature, and submerge your vacuum-sealed food. The circulating pump ensures the water temperature is precise throughout the cooking time, so you never have to worry about monitoring the cooking process. Enjoy a gourmet meal at home that your inner foodie will love.

Vesta precision temperature appliances come to you from the heart of Seattle, USA, and are designed with unique insights gained from years of experience. Smart and innovative, their products are user-friendly and affordable for both family and commercial kitchens. Their complementary line of vacuum pouches and rolls offers the widest range of options available in designs, materials, patterns, and sizes. With Vesta, quality, choice, and convenience make all the difference.