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Victorinox Knifesafe 8” Knife Guard

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Lock and secure your knife with the Victorinox 8 inch Bladesafe. This secure knife guard has two latches that lock closed, firmly encasing the knife's cutting edge keeping it safe and clean from chips, scratches, and dirt. Constructed out of durable polypropylene, this guard is dishwasher safe and perfect for storage, travel, and on the go business. Fits standard knives 6 inchesto 8 inches in length. Made in the USA.

Although Victorinox is known the world over as the creator of the Original Swiss Army Knife, the company started out in 1884 as a cutlery workshop. By the time company creator Karl Elsener delivered his first pocket knife to the Swiss Army, his cutlery business was already booming. Over the next century, Victorinox cutlery became a top-rated choice among professionals worldwide, with over 300 blades to offer. Victorinox knives have regularly appeared as highly ranked and recommended kitchen tools in Cook's Illustrated, Men's Health, The Cincinnati Enquirer, New York Magazine, and Natural Health, just to name a few.

What is a stamped blade? A stamped knife can usually be identified by the absence of a bolster. Stamped blades are cut into their shapes from cold-rolled pieces of steel and then ground, tempered, and sharpened. Creating them requires many less steps than forging and results in lighter, narrower blades. Some professionals prefer the thicker, heavier forged blades, but many pros, who spend much of their day cutting and slicing, enjoy a lighter knife since it's less fatiguing and easier to manipulate at speed. Stamped knives are easier to produce and therefore less expensive. They perform very well and can approach the quality of a forged blade, but not the weight or feel. Victorinox manufactures a complete range of stamped blades with unique, patented Fibrox handles and they are considered among the greatest values in the knife industry.