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Wabash Valley Farms Simply White Popcorn Kernels - 18 oz.

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Wabash Valley Farms' Gourmet Popcorn Kernel Collection offers all natural popcorn kernels; grown with zero chemicals, and containing no preservatives. Be delighted by 18 ounces of farm fresh, non-GMO popcorn kernels! Each jar offers beautiful timeless labelling with a wooden tag, describing which collection the kernels belong to.

Simply White: White kernels known for its tenderness and iconic taste. When these kernels pop, each one pops up medium to large in size, and brilliant white. White kernel varieties are slightly lighter, more tender, and delicate than comparable yellow varieties.

Wabash Valley Farms produces their kernels in White County, one of the top popcorn-producing counties in Indiana. By keeping the tradition of kernel harvesting, their farm fresh kernels will have you hooked on premium quality popcorn.