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Zwilling J.A. Henckels 3-Piece Stainless Steel Cheese Knife Set

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A line of award-winning, J.A. Henckels Cheese Knives for cutting all types of cheese. The exclusive Henckels Twin Collection offers three different blade shapes designed for specific cheeses. The blades are forged and the stainless steel handles are hefty and comfortable.

Set Includes: 

5-in. Stainless Steel Cheese Knife with Fork Tip: Perfect for cutting medium-hard cheeses, and has a fork tip to pick up your sliced pieces of cheese. 

5.5-in. Stainless Steel Cheese Knife: This useful cheese knife cuts medium-hard pieces of cheese that will not stick to the blade due to specially designed holes in the blade. 

Stainless Steel Parmesan/Hard Cheese Knife: Perfect for cutting hard pieces of cheese such as Parmesan. The short, wide blade allows for more pressure in making the perfect cut. 



The beauty of the perfect solution: The TWIN Collection cheese knives unite the technology of perfect blades with the highest demands of function and comfort.  Because of their outstanding design they also make for a dazzling showpiece on the dining table.


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