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Coffee & Spice Grinders


A Blade Grinder is similar to a mini food processor, in that it has a blade in the bottom that chops the coffee beans. It also grinders all types of spices well too.  The fineness of the grind is determined by how long you run the grinder. You can't set it for a particular grind, rather, you are eyeballing it. The longer it grinds, the finer the coffee becomes. The problem with this is that consistency is an issue. However, they are very budget-friendly.

A Disc Burr Grinder has two parallel grinders that are serrated on the inside The beans are drawn in between the two burrs and ground at a high speed into a uniform size. You are able to set both the grind you'd like and the amount you're grinding. You get a consistent, replicable grind, just right for any home brewing method.

A Conical Burr Grinder offers the same consistency, but at a low speed rather than a high speed. This creates little to no static, creates very little heat on the beans when grinding (which preserves the flavor), and quiet operation. These are our best grinders.