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Safety Policies for 2024 Summer Camp


Due to COVID-19, some of our procedures have changed.  Please read carefully.

Camp Participants must abide by the following rules:

  • Children may be required to wear kitchen safe gloves when handling uncooked food.
  • Respect social distancing between groups.
  • Use effective hand-washing and sanitizing procedures
  • Wear closed toe shoes for safety in the kitchen
  • Keep shoulder length or longer hair restrained (must be secured all around so No-Touch is needed)
  • Follow all directions from Chefs/Instructor and Cooking Class Assistants
  • All safety and sanitation regulations will be followed

 We are sorry, but given the limited space in our Kitchen for social distancing, Parents and/or additional guests may NOT enter the Kitchen before, during or after class.  The campers will eat the meal they have prepared at the end of the camp session, and then the campers will be released for pickup. There will be no public sharing of the meal, and no to-go food will be permitted to be taken from class. 

An adult must pick each participant up at the end of each session from inside the store.  Arrangements can be made for Curbside pick-up if needed.