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Faraday's Chef Summer Camp Instructors

Faraday's Kitchen Store employs a variety of chef camp instructors for Chef Summer Camp, all of whom have experience in children's culinary instruction, nutrition and food safety. We have 2 chef instructors work each camp.
The Chef instructors for our 2023 Kids Chef Summer Camp program are Chef Jenna Rasmussen and our second chef will be named shortly, with the help of returning Kitchen Assistant Sarah Kilgard. 
  Chef Jenna Rasmussen can't wait to work with future chefs this summer!   She has a degree in Art, one in Culinary Arts, and a third in Hotel and Restaurant Management, and worked in many restaurants before becoming a culinary arts teacher.  Now that she has two children, she has become a full-time mom, but still finds time to teach and cater from time to time.  She believes that food will always connect her to memories and the people she loves.
We are excited and blessed to have these two highly talented Chefs supporting our summer camps this year!