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Faraday's Chef Summer Camp Instructors

Faraday's Kitchen Store employs a variety of chef camp instructors for Chef Summer Camp, all of whom have experience in children's culinary instruction, nutrition and food safety. We have 2 chef instructors work each camp.
The Chef instructors for our 2023 Kids Chef Summer Camp program are Chef Jenna Rasmussen and Chef Kela Hunte. 
  Chef Jenna Rasmussen can't wait to work with future chefs this summer!   She has a degree in Art, one in Culinary Arts, and a third in Hotel and Restaurant Management, and worked in many restaurants before becoming a culinary arts teacher.  Now that she has two children, she has become a full-time mom, but still finds time to teach and cater from time to time.  She believes that food will always connect her to memories and the people she loves.
Chef Kela "Keii" Hunte, a local Austin celebrity chef, is proud to partner with Faraday's Kitchen Store to share her culinary expertise and passion with the community, particularly focusing on children.

As the owner of Keii Desserts, Keii has turned her love for baking into a thriving business, selling thousands of cookies and other baked goods. Her exceptional talent earned her recognition as one of America's top 6 home bakers, and she has even competed on the Food Network alongside Martha Stewart.

Keii's dedication to children's culinary education led her to create and implement an after-school and summer camp program at the Regents School of Austin during her tenure as Food Service Director. This program focuses on fostering children's creativity and teaching them the essentials of cooking and baking.

Don't miss the chance for your child to learn from a renowned professional and ignite their passion for cooking and baking!


Grace Diehl is a student at Cornell University and is excited to support Faraday’s summer camp as a baking assistant. Guided by her experience in restaurants and teaching K-8th grade students, she loves to explore culinary traditions with chefs of all ages. She believes that time spent in the kitchen is a fantastic opportunity to cultivate teamwork, communication, and confidence while creating delicious meals. Grace is excited to help create a warm and engaging environment where kids can develop their culinary skills and explore their creativity.

We are excited and blessed to have these talented instructors supporting our summer camps this year!