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Parental Permissions for Summer Chef Camps

By registering my child for Summer Chef Camp, I agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • My child has permission to engage in all activities and instruction during Summer Chef Camp. This will include using kitchen equipment such as knives, a gas stove, food processor, blender and a variety of other kitchen machines and equipment. Faraday's is not liable for injuries incurred during the proper use of these instruments.  I agree not to sue and to release from liability Faraday's Kitchen Store, their employees and agents for any damage or injury arising out of my child's participation in Summer Chef Camp. Should a minor injury occur, Faraday's has my permission to administer appropriate treatment, such as a Band-Aid, so that the child may return to camp. 
  • I give permission to the staff, employees and agents of Faraday's Kitchen Store to seek emergency medical treatment in the event of injury or illness. In the event I (or the designated emergency contact) cannot be reached in an emergency, I give permission to medical personnel to administer treatment to my child. 
  • During the course of camp, photographs and/or videos may be taken that may be shared on our social media pages, website or advertising.  I agree that my child may appear in these photographs and that no compensation will be paid for the use of these photographs and/or videos.


Camp participants should be dressed comfortably, but with safety in mind.  All campers must wear CLOSED-TOE shoes- NO SANDALS or FLIP-FLOPS will be permitted.  Long hair must be tied back.  Aprons are required for each child. One from home may be used, or aprons are available for purchase at Faraday's. 

Children should be delivered NO MORE THAN 10 MINUTES before the start of their session. A light meal is provided, but please have your children eat before attending camp, as they don’t eat until near the end of the session. Parents must pick up their children within 10 minutes after the end of the session.  We do not have a safe, supervised area for children to wait after the session is over.  Parents who do not pick up their child within the designated time limit may incur a late fee of $25 for each additional 10 minutes that the child is left after the end of camp.

A parent or guardian will be required to accompany each Camper in to the store each day to sign them in and out of camp.