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Cupcakes & Muffins Pans

The differences between muffins and cupcakes are not clear-cut. A cupcake is usually sweeter and more delicate, while a muffin is made with heartier ingredients and has a coarser texture, but there are always exceptions. Understandably, the line between a muffin pan and a cupcake pan is blurry. In truth, they're mostly the same, and the only difference is what you bake in them.

Cupcakes are usually baked with less batter in the cup so they will hold a neat shape as they rise, while muffins use more batter so that the batter will overflow and make a large, neat "muffin top". Consequently, if you are planning to bake muffins, look for a pan with more spacing between the cups so your muffins don't meld together.

A sturdy, heavy-weight pan is the best, and we offer many options, all at the lowest prices!