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Our Customers

Our customers are the Number One reason why we do what we do. You're all so much fun and always keep us entertained. Fun, new experiences happen every day at Faraday's!
One of our favorite pictures was sent to us by Barbara Lewis and her wonderful group of friends. These ladies really represent Faraday's well and we appreciate it!

Salsa Contest Winner - We love Brenda Parrott! She also makes the BEST meat loaf. Yum!

Pat Hoover is one our favorite bakers. This is her Faraday's Baking Contest Winner. We've enjoyed her friendship and support over the years.

It's not fun unless you get your hands messy!

If not all about food at Faraday's, we eat and drink wine like we're true Spaniards!

How great are Tovolo's Pop Molds? So great that when Pam gave a set to her nephew Dawson, he wouldn't let it go... even to sleep.

We had to share this picture of this little girl trying on aprons. She's so cute and now ready to help mom in the kitchen!

It's all about community here at Faraday's. During our Christmas Gingerbread workshop all kinds of talent was displayed.