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CDN Combo Probe Thermometer

Say hello to the all-in-one CDN Combo Probe Thermometer! Featuring a large easy to read display you will be sure to obtain accuratetemperature readings. The dual sensing probe is made from high-heat resistant stainlesssteel giving a temperature range of 14 degrees F to 392 degrees F. Simply insert the probe inthe meat or food that you are cooking, close the lid on your grill or ovendoor, and wait for the alarm to alertyou when your desired temperature is reached. Additionally, the accompanyingtimer can be used for a variety of kitchen tasks and does not require use ofthe probe. Included is a 2-way magnetic mounting stand and 1 x AAA Battery.

CDN specializes in kitchen measurement tools, with a focuson timers and thermometers. Founded in 1984 by the late Richard Murtagh, an engineer by profession and a cook at heart, who was intrigued by the science of cooking and improving his kitchen measurement tools. Today CDN continues to grow as a family run business. CDN Products are sold in over 3,000 retail stores and are used in over 15,000 commercial locations, including large coffee and restaurant chains. All over the world, people rely on CDN for superior customer service, product innovation, quality, and value.