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Charles Viancin Grape Bottle Stopper

Feel the Seal with the Charles Viancin Grape Leaf Bottle Stoppers. Made out of BPA-Free and food grade silicone, each stopper fits snugly into wine bottles, olive oil bottles, vinegar, and more to create an amazing seal - keeping your product fresh. Each stopper pushes down securely into the bottle, leaving plenty of vertical space above to store in the fridge.

Inspired by nature's breathtaking beauty, whether it was found in a solitary water lily or a field of sunflowers, Charles Viancin designed a range of kitchen accessories that, to this day, is constantly expanding with new products released every year. Lids, bottle stoppers, drink markers, and more come in an astounding array of shapes, sizes, and colors and are all made from environment-friendly silicone. The unique designs make them essential for containing kitchen messes, keeping food fresh, sealing in heat,and keeping cold foods chilled. Basked in the French Alps, Charles Viancin Group patents designs and selects only the best partners for the manufacturing and distribution of its silicone kitchen accessories all over the world. In March of 2020 they celebrated their 15-year anniversary!