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Fox Run 18.5" Acacia BBQ Tongs

The accustomed griller will be primed to barbecue with this premium quality Acacia wood handled stainless steel tong by Outset. The Jackson tongs feature ergonomic Acacia wood handles which conduct heat slowly and provide optimal comfort and control. The heavy duty stainless steel metal construction harnesses impeccable durability, all while keeping the griller away from the BBQ grill heat whilst cooking. The elegant design of the extra thick handles, scalloped edge and wide grip area provides a comfortable grip for easy use when gripping and turning heavy cuts of meat like prime rib, a rack of ribs, steaks and chicken, or whole fish and veggies. A convenient hanging loop on the handle allows you to keep your grilling tool within reach. Pair it with Outset Jackson Spatula for a deluxe tool set sure to impress!