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Harold Pour Over Coffee Borosilicate Glass Filter Cone

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HIC's Pour-Over Coffee Filter Cone is specially designed to brew the best tasting coffee using the manual, pour over coffee method. Practiced by coffee lovers worldwide, this time-tested Japanese coffee brewing method, also called hand drip coffee, allows complete control over coffee to water ratio and brew time using a slow, precise water flow that s critical to extracting a consistent, rich quality and distinctly flavorful result. Each detail of HIC s Pour-Over Coffee Filter Cone is designed to help master this coveted technique. Artfully crafted from high-heat borosilicate glass, it resists shock and breakage and won t absorb odors or transfer flavors between brews. It s inner swirl design guides water evenly around coffee grounds to maintain a proper flow rate and achieve a more balanced extraction of flavor. The outer lip holds the Filter Cone steady on mugs and carafes for slip-free brewing while the scalloped base lends supports to paper filters for less breakage and mess. And, the stay-cool handle offers a comfortable grip for brewing each delicious cup. Brew only what s needed, single cup coffee up to 6-cups, for consistent flavor with less waste. For best coffee brewing results, boil 6-ounces of water per serving. Place the filter into the Coffee Filter Cone and measure in medium-grind coffee. Using just-boiled water, wet the grounds slightly and let stand for 30 seconds to expand or bloom coffee and extract its most robust flavor. Slowly pour over remaining water in a thin, steady stream. Allow coffee to finish dripping and set filter aside to cool before discarding wet grounds. Total brew time should be about 2.5 minutes. Serve coffee immediately or chill for coffee drinks or iced coffee.