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Kick-Ash Basket for Medium Big Green Egg

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Have there have been times when you wanted to use your ceramic grill but didn't, simply because of the hassle of removing the partially-burned charcoal and ash, cleaning out the firebox and reloading it? What if you could skip the hassle and be ready to start a new fire in a few seconds, without getting ash and soot all over yourself? Now there's a simple, inexpensive way to enjoy all the performance your grill is capable of, whenever you want, with the original Kick Ash Basket!

The Kick Ash basket fits into the firebox of your grill. Simply insert before filling with your charcoal, and light as usual. When it's time to use your grill again, just lift the Kick-Ash basket slightly and shake. Ash and cinders will fall below, leaving you with fresh charcoal for your next fire. 3 year manufacturer's warranty. Heavy duty stainless steel wire construction. 7" Bottom Dia., 12" Top Dia. and 4.25" Depth. Overall height is 5.75" including handles.

The Kick Ash Basket works with Big Green Eggs and other Kamado-style Grills, and is designed to save charcoal, create a better air flow system for cooking and instituting the perfect slow cooking and smoking accessory for succulent meats and grilled cuisine anywhere. The Kick Ash Basket line of products are the perfect gift for your husband, uncle, dad, wife and every passionate grilling expert you know. Get your brand new Kick Ash Basket today and take your charcoal grilling to a whole new level!