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Kikuichi Nickel Warikomi Damascus 6" Utility Knife, 15 cm.

The Kikuichi NWD Nickel Warikomi Damascus 6 inch (150mm) Utility Knife is great to use on larger vegetables when a paring knife is too small or for sandwich meats when a chef knife is too large. This utility knife is extremely light, and features a traditional Japanese rosewood handle. Blades are constructed of a core of Aichi AUS10 Nickel stainless sandwiched between 11 layers of nickel, 6 layers of SUS410 and 5 layers of J1 stainless steel on each side to create the Damascus pattern. These have a thin blade and a light agile feel.

While Kikuichi has been producing superior kitchen cutlery for more than 150 years, the origins of the company go back to 13th century when the emperor Go-toba chose the family ancestor, Shiro Kanenaga, to be one of his swordsmiths. Because of the quality of his blades, he was granted the right to use the royal symbol of the Chrysanthemum flower or Kiku-no-mon as a mark of their excellence on his blades. This symbol is still recognized in Japan for its connection to the royal family, and you will find the Chrysanthemum flower on all Kikuichi cutlery. The knife is designed for slicing meat, fish and chopping vegetables, but not appropriate for cutting frozen food, chocolate, bone and unusual articles. Please do not put this knife in the dishwasher. Doing so may cause the handle to crack.