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Lekue Sourdough Starter Kit

SKU LEKU-3000200SURM017
Pizza, bread, desserts, and many other delicious oven-baked goods, taste great and are healthier for you when made with sourdough. It's no longer a secret that sourdough bread is much more nutritious since this yeast is 100% natural!

Take care of your intestinal well-being by baking homemade sourdough bread. In sourdough, a bacterial population creates acids, which is why sourdough bread is easier to digest.

Discover how to make real sourdough in your kitchen easily and cleanly. With it, you can prepare loads of recipes to enjoy real bread again. And don't forget, the world's best bread is in your own kitchen!

With this practical kit, it's easy to make your own sourdough at home. This starter kit contains: two glass jars and a spatula. Each jar includes a lid with a valve to vent the gases, a silicone strip that acts as a marker, and a silicone ring which you can use to track the dough as it rises. It also includes a brochure detailing how to use it, and three delicious recipes to use the sourdough, including one for pizza dough.