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Looftlighter X Cordless Charcoal Fire Starter

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The Looft Lighter X is the ultimate fire lighter. Light your fire in 60 seconds with battery power only! The all-electric Looft Lighter X gives you the freedom of being cordless with the same efficiency as its predecessor, the Original Looft Lighter. Use it in the backyard, on your balcony, tailgating, outdoors, and indoors! The Looft Lighter X will hold a charge for up to 10 uses and has a 2-hour charge time. 36V Li-Ion Battery included. 2-year Warranty.

Looft was founded in 2004 with a single mission: build the fire lighter that you could rely on. One that was safe, effective, and clean. One that would make lighter fluid a distant, smelly memory. Today, Looft still provides the perfect tools for doing what has been, and still is, so essential for humans: gathering around fire to relax and cook food!