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Microplane Elite Box Grater with Nonslip Handle

SKU MICR-34009
The Microplane Elite Box Grater features five popular blades: fine, coarse, ribbon, ultra coarse and a slicer blade, and has a non-slip handle and rubberized base for stability and ease of grating. The convenient slide-out catch plate holds grated foods and the measuring feature helps you monitor the volume. The at-home chef will love this! Microplane blades are made in USA.

In 1990, two brothers in Arkansas developed a new type of woodworking tool. It wasn't until a few years later that a Canadian housewife became frustrated with her old kitchen zester and picked up her husband's woodworking grater; only to find that it worked better than any zester she'd ever tried! Since then, the Microplane kitchen line has expanded to include box graters, rotary graters, slicers, and more. The secret to their success lies in their patented process which uses chemicals to create extremely sharp cutting surfaces which maintain their edge beautifully. You'll find dozens of uses for your Microplane!