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Sasa Demarle SILPAT 8 1/4" x 11 3/4" Quarter Size Silicone Non-Stick Baking Mat

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The original non-stick silicone pastry liner, this Sasa Demarle SILPAT 8 1/4" x 11 3/4" quarter size silicone non-stick baking mat helps you reduce waste and lower costs, while ensuring a smooth product release from your 9" x 13" sheet pans. This baking mat eliminates the need to use butter, grease, oils, sprays, or parchment paper to get a smooth, easy release from your pans, making it ideal for use when creating Danish pastries, baking biscuits, working with sugar, and handling all sugary and salted preparations. It's made of strong fiberglass mesh and the highest quality of food grade silicone to turn any pan into a non-stick surface. Simply place it on your baking sheet, and you're ready to go. The mat will provide consistent heat distribution while promoting even baking and browning.

This mat is perfect for baking cookies and cinnamon buns. Whether making confectionary or culinary delicacies, the non-stick surface is sure to offer an easy release. It easily goes into the freezer to harden chocolate-coated creations, and it makes an ideal work surface for rolling out fondant and gumpaste for cake decorating. Everything comes right off its non-stick surface, making cleanup a breeze!