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Two Lumps of Sugar Grill Boss Sili Puppet

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SKU TWOL-KTX2019-6655
Product Features:
Silicone mitt designed for superior hand and arm protection, the new generation for heat protection
Heat resistant to 475F, suitable for cold use to 50F
Waterproof silicone glove protects from boiling water, heat and cold
Flexible outer shell has a raised non-slip textured surface for secure gripping
Two Lumps of Sugar exclusive printed cotton fabric cuff adds fun and fashion
Comfortable quilted poly/cotton inner lining for added protection and performance

Easy care:
Washable inner lining
Sink, washer, dryer and dishwasher safe
Dry in the dryer, microwave, or line dry
Food grade, sanitary, eco-friendly
For cooking, baking, grilling and the microwave
14.5-inch length, 5.5inch wide at the wrist/arm opening
Added a loop for hanging