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Breville Smart Oven Air BOV900BSS

This newest version of the top-selling Breville Smart Oven adds NEW functionality- now you can air-fry and dehydrate, in addition to baking, roasting, roasting, and more! Make air-fried French Fries, Shrimp or Fried Chicken, or make your own jerky or dried fruit and vegetable treats! The oven is now 30% larger, to easily accommodate a 9x13" pan or a 5 Quart Dutch Oven, or handle up to a 14 lb. turkey.

Breville is a maker of small kitchen appliances, founded in Sydney, Australia. Today, Breville is recognized for being a leader in producing quality products around the world. In 1932, Bill O'Brien and Harry Norville (born Charles Henry Norville) mixed their last names together and the Breville brand was created. They started off making radios, then mine detectors for the war. The O'Brien family continued developing the Breville business for three generations. In 1982, Breville Australia sold its ownership of the brand in Europe, which today is owned by Jarden.