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Cameron's Gourmet Edition Stovetop Mini Smoker

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This simple to use stainless-steel mini smoker smokes meat, fish, and vegetables right on the stovetop. Works over any heat source, including open flame or electric stovetop. Includes sample of one wood-chip flavor. Dishwasher safe; 7 year warranty.

Camerons Products is the leader in Smoke Cooking Technology and the creator of great innovative Grilling Products that give both the home and professional chef the easiest way to infuse a smoke or grilled flavor into all foods. They have developed products to do this indoors on a stove or burner, or outdoors on your grill or campfire. For over 25 years, Camerons Products has been all about good cooking, and they are pleased to introduce brand new products to showcase this lifestyle of easy living, including larger stainless-steel stockpots in a variety of sizes.