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CDN Infrared Thermometer

CDN's Infrared Thermometer includes new and innovative technology for non-contract surface temperature measurement with the risk of cross contamination to ensure the best results. In addition to the 1-second response time, this handy pocket-sized thermometer features minimum, maximum, and lock modes for the ability to scan multiple targets over time- making it useful for continuous temperature monitoring. With a temperature range of -67 degrees F to 428 degrees F it is the perfect tool to use on a vat oil, or while tempering chocolate! Batteries Included.

CDN specializes in kitchen measurement tools, with a focuson timers and thermometers. Founded in 1984 by the late Richard Murtagh, an engineer by profession and a cook at heart, who was intrigued by the science of cooking and improving his kitchen measurement tools. Today CDN continues to grow as a family run business. CDN Products are sold in over 3,000 retail stores and are used in over 15,000 commercial locations, including large coffee and restaurant chains. All over the world, people rely on CDN for superior customer service, product innovation, quality, and value.