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Harney & Son's Tropical Mango Fresh Brew Iced Tea - 15 Bags

SKU HARN-27-0548-15CT
When the days are long and hot, a tall glass of iced tea is the most satisfying refreshment. Harney and Son's Fresh Brew Iced Tea pouches are an easy way to brew 2 quarts of your favorite tea, and keep a pitcher in the fridge all summer long.

Enjoy a refreshing taste of the tropics with our deliciously fruity Tropical Mango, now designed specially to be iced. Juicy sweet mango, tropical coconut, and a blend of bright pineapple and orange complement a rich black tea base for an exquisite escape in every sip. With its full natural fruit flavors, it’s equally delicious plain or sweetened.

Ingredients: Black tea, mango flavor, mango pieces, orange peel, coconut pieces, coconut flavor, pineapple flavor, orange flavor. Contains naturals flavors. (Caffeinated)