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Harney & Son's Watermelon Mint Fresh Brew Iced Tea - 15 Bags

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When the days are long and hot, a tall glass of iced tea is the most satisfying refreshment. Harney and Son's Fresh Brew Iced Tea pouches are an easy way to brew 2 quarts of your favorite tea, and keep a pitcher in the fridge all summer long.

Crisp and refreshing, this delectable brew boasts a summery flavor profile guaranteed to refresh and indulge. The brew starts with a base of soothing green tea, then layers in crisp mint overtop juicy strawberry and watermelon flavors. The end result is a fruity, rejuvenating ode to the tastes of summer at their finest. Best enjoyed freshly brewed and poured over ice.

Ingredients: Ingredients: Green tea, spearmint, watermelon flavor, strawberry flavor. Contains natural flavors. (caffeinated)