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HIC Turkey Pop-Up Timer Set of 2

HIC Roasting's Pop-out Timers feature an easy-read red center stem that pops out to visibly show when turkey is cooked to perfection. The specially designed trigger "pops out" when internal temperatures have reached 176-degrees Fahrenheit, eliminating any doubt and guesswork! It's easy to know when turkey is properly cooked inside before cutting into it and losing its precious juices. Made from polycarbonate, ABS, and stainless steel inner springs, these pop-up timers are perfect for roasting turkey for everyday meals and special holidays. Easy to use. Before cooking the turkey, simply insert the timer's pointed tip into the thickest part of the breast, about 2-inches from the center and at a 90-degree angle to be flush with the surface of the skin. When the red center stem pops out, the turkey is cooked and ready to eat. Pop-Out Timers are intended for single use and are disposable for easy cleanup. Do not expose to direct flame. Set of 2 Pop-Out Timers.