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Rockwood 20-Lb Lump Charcoal

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100% Missouri Hardwood - Mostly oak & hickory, and occasionally some maple, pecan, and/or cherry Kilned to 80-85% carbon on average, producing a very neutral smoke, high BTU/#, and low ash. It is extremely responsive to oxygen changes.

#1 consumer ranked lump charcoal on "The Naked Whiz" Hardwood Charcoal Database for 9+ years Martha Stewart's "Test Kitchen Pick" for charcoal - July 2017

Made from renewable and recycled resources--not a single tree is harvested to make Rockwood, it's only the slabs too knotty or warped to be made into lumber

Our bag is 100% natural kraft paper with soy based ink. It can be safely recyclable, composted, or burned to help light the charcoal.

Store pick up only.