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Kikuichi Semi-Stainless 5" Petty Knife, 12 cm

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The Kikuichi Semi Stainless 5 inch Petty Knife is an excellent smaller utility knife that is great for trimming vegetables. Strong and substantial without feeling heavy, this blade takes a fine-grained edge and holds it well. This knife contains more carbon than a typical high-carbon stainless steel knife, which means it will hold the sharp edge longer. These knives develop a patina as they are used, which does not affect the sharpness. However, it is important that these knives are thoroughly dried after washing.

While Kikuichi has been producing superior kitchen cutlery for more than 150 years, the origins of the company go back to 13th century when the emperor Go-toba chose the family ancestor, Shiro Kanenaga, to be one of his swordsmiths. Because of the quality of his blades he was granted the right to use the royal symbol of the Chrysanthemum flower or Kiku-no-mon as a mark of their excellence on his blades. This symbol is still recognized in Japan for its connection to the royal family, and you will find the Chrysanthemum flower on all Kikuichi cutlery.