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Le Creuset 13.25 Quart Cast Iron Enameled Round Dutch Oven

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Unparalleled for beauty and performance, Le Creuset has been a leader in traditional cast-iron cookware for decades. Their pieces are constructed of cast iron, with multiple layers of enamel to prevent chipping and provide a stick-resistant surface. Cast iron distributes heat evenly, preventing "hot spots", and retains heat so that food will be kept hot for a considerable time when served at the table. Their enamelled cast iron is always at home, whether you have a Ceramic, Halogen, Induction, Gas, or Electric cooktop. Most pieces can be used on the stovetop, in the oven or under the grill. Le Creuset enamel cast-iron cookware is available in a wide range of colors that are equally at home in the kitchen or on your dining table. The interior enamel is a smooth gloss finish in a sand colour - except on skillets and grills where we have a matt black enamel. Both will clean easily by hand or by dishwasher if used in accordance with their recommended care and use. Made in France.