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Lynx 42" Carbon Fiber Vinyl Cover - FS Grill with Side Burner

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The Lynx 42" Carbon Fiber Vinyl Cover for Freestanding Grill with Side Burner provides a high quality grill cover to keep your Lynx BBQ grill in great condition. This unit features an extra-durable textured vinyl construction for a long lasting and durable product while the thick felt lining on the inside protects the sleek stainless steel finish of your grill. The custom tailored fit is designed for use with the 42-inch freestanding Professional Lynx grill with side burner while the pocket seams with a flexible nylon cord ensure a secure fit with a front zipper to help pull and secure the cover over the grill. A rear vent is located in the back to help expel moisture while the deep embossed Lynx logo accentuates the sleek black color.

Carbon Fiber Vinyl - Heavy duty textured vinyl construction with thick felt lining to protect the stainless steel on a grill
Custom Tailored Fit - Pocket seams with flexible nylon cord and front zipper for a secure fit on the 42-inch Lynx grill
Rear Moisture Vent - Integrated rear vent helps expel moisture and prevent any mold or mildew
Embossed Lynx Logo - Deep embossed Lynx logo displays the elegant Lynx brand

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