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Miyabi Black 8-Inch Chef Knife

SKU JAHC-34401-203
The gyutoh is Japan’s chef’s knife, an all-rounder knife for just about every task in the kitchen. Dice vegetables, slice meat and fish, and chop fruit with this exquisite workhorse of the kitchen. The MIYABI Black series is a true work of art. This series boasts blades of ultra-premium steel for unsurpassed sharpness. Exquisite Japanese craftsmanship merges with expert German engineering for the ultimate kitchen knives. The blades are constructed of micro-carbide powdered MC66 steel, which is ice-hardened to an impressive 66 on the Rockwell hardness scale. This results in an exceptionally sharp and long-lasting edge that is highly corrosion resistant. The authentic, thin, Japanese profile blades are wrapped in 132 additional layers of steel, resulting in a gorgeous flower Damascus pattern. Sharpening is done using the traditional, three-step Honbazuke method.

The handle of the Miyabi Black series is made from the prized Bigleaf maple and dyed a black ash color. The grain and color of the black ash contrasts beautifully with the Damascus pattern of the blade. The handle is crafted in a traditional "D" shape, with a rounded spine and heel, providing optimal ergonomics for fatigue-free cutting. Handcrafted in Seki, Japan.

Other Features Include:
Authentic, thin, Japanese blade comprised of ultra-premium MC66 micro-carbide steel
Blade consists of 133 layers of steel, resulting in a gorgeous floral Damascus pattern
CRYODUR blade, ice-hardened to Rockwell 66
Sharpened using a traditional, three-step Honbazuke method
Ergonomic D-shaped handle made from stunning Blackleaf maple
Steel endcap with embossed logo and handle mosaic pin
Handcrafted in Seki, Japan
Handwash only