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Nest Cookware 12" Cast Iron Braising Pan with Lid

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Beauty and function in a family size.

Very intentionally designed to have two handles, where many other pans would just have one... Nest Cookware believes that the heft of iron should be held with comfort and confidence. These two handles make for easier lifting, baking, serving, and cleaning than on any other pan of comparable size. And with sidewalls that are low enough work in easily, and high enough to hold a full meal, this pan will be your go-to for family dinners.

Don't use the dishwasher - The steamy combination of hot water and harsh soap will very effectively and very quickly strip the seasoning off of your cast iron cookware and most likely leave it quite rusty.

Don't soak it in the sink - An hour is probably fine. Two hours, you might be pushing it. Overnight, you’ll be sad. Soaking cast iron cookware in water for long periods of time (even if it’s well seasoned) will make it rusty.

Don't use soap - at least not all the time - Dish soap is often advertised as being able to cut through grease and oil. While this is great for your plates, it’s not great for seasoned cast iron cookware. With proper care, you won’t need to use soap often, if at all.