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Round Rock Raw Wildflower Honey 16-oz

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Round Rock Honey is raw wildflower honey. It is unfiltered and bottled fresh each week from apiaries all over Texas Hill Country. Round Rock Honey's consistently delicious flavor and beautiful color makes great gifts! Packagedin BPA Free Plastic 1-oz bottles. Round Rock Honey is not a varietal honey, but instead a true wildflower honey.

Producing wildflower honey is difficult, but in the opinion of Round Rock Honey Owners Konrad and Elizabeth Bouffard, it is more important to focus on quality than quantity! Their honey is "robbed " on a regular basis (season and weather permitting), and promptly bottled. Although all of their honey is poured through a stainless-steel sieve to remove bee legs, wings, and wax caps, it is never heated or filtered. They remove honey from the hives by centrifuge, at room temperature. This is done so that pollen, trace minerals, and complex sugars that occur naturally in their honey are never compromised.