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Schott Zwiesel Arran Double Old Fashioned, Set of Two 13.5 oz Glasses

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The old fashioned, or rocks, glass is named for the most renowned drink served therein: the old fashioned cocktail. A traditional old fashioned glass holds 6–8 ounces, whereas a double can hold 12–14 ounces - but you'd be hard pressed to find a single Old-Fashioned glass these days. The Double Old Fashioned, or DOF, has really taken center stage.

Use an old fashioned glass for neat whiskey, whiskey on the rocks, or drinks built in the glass. What that means is, you're not using a cocktail shaker or mixing glass to "build" the cocktail; you're mixing it in the same glass in which you're serving it, usually directly on ice.

The DOF will be a cornerstone of your bar repertoire. And this set of two crystal DOFs from Schott-Zwiesel in the Arran cut-glass pattern is a great way to get your barware stocked. Made from Titanium-based lead-free crystal, which is highly resistant to scratching, breaking or chipping, these glasses are clear, beautiful, strong and resilient.