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Shun Classic Steak Knife Set, 4 Pack

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The key to enjoying delicious steak is keeping those flavorful juices inside the meat where they belong. Shun’s Classic Steak Knives deliver the razor-sharp cutting edge required to execute a simple, smooth glide through meat; no sawing, which prematurely releases tender juices, needed. Precise, 16-degree blade angles and hard, premium steel mean Shun blades are not only lighter and thinner but sharper, too. Proudly handcrafted in Japan and inspired by the legacy of ancient sword smiths, each piece of Shun cutlery is both an awe-inspiring work of art and an incredibly practical and trustworthy kitchen tool.

The Classic line of Steak Knives maintains Shun’s, relentless standard of excellence. Enhance every meal, whether it’s a quiet lunch date or a lively family dinner, with the beauty and remarkable performance of Shun’s Classic Steak Knives. The knives come in an elegant box in a 4-Pack, suitable for gift-giving or storage.