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Staub Cast Iron 11" Crepe Pan with Spreader

SKU JAHC-1212823
This cast-iron enameled crepe pan comes with a spreader and spatula. With a striking natural wood handle, each piece is one of a kind. The smooth enamel bottom works on all cooktops, including induction, while the interior enamel surface browns your crepes or pancakes beautifully. Made in France. From Solingen to Berlin to New York to almost every important culinary region, ZWILLING J.A. Henckels has expanded quickly to become the specialist for the international culinary culture that we know today. Formed way back in 1731, Peter Henckels had the idea to register the ZWILLING trademark with the Cutler's Guild of Solingen, Germany, a brilliant idea that makes Zwilling one of the oldest brands in the world today. Starting with knives, the brand has grown and features a variety of cookware, silverware, kitchen gadgets, and most recently kitchen electronics. The culinary world of the ZWILLING group is not only home to great kitchen tools, but also to great brands from all over the world : ZWILLING from Germany, STAUB from France, MIYABI from Japan, BALLARINI from Italy, and DEMEYERE from Belgium. Each with different strengths and traditions, but with the same passion for high quality products. For centuries, cooks have taken advantage of the natural heat retention and redistribution properties of cast iron. Cast iron cookware heats slowly and retains heat beautifully and evenly, keeping the dish warm long after it's been taken out of the oven or off the stove. Staub's attractive appearance make it easy for the dish to go straight from the stovetop or the oven to the table. The matte black enamel is durable and highly chip resistant and also keeps it from discoloring or rusting. Made in France.