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Third Coast Coffee - El Guapo 3 LB - Whole Beans

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Roast: Full City
Body: Full
Acidity: Low
Taste: Caramel, Baking Chocolate
El Guapo offers a plethora of deep tobacco aromatics and flavors of caramel and baking chocolate that linger on the palate. A slightly darker roast that gives this coffee its distinctive body and makes it a great base for milk drinks, where the subtleties of a lighter coffee are often lost. Definitely a Faraday's favorite! Each bag of Third Coast Coffee is whole bean and picked up weekly to ensure freshness. Net Weight: 12 oz.

For Third Coast Coffee Roasters of Austin, Texas, roasting coffee is an art - and they've been creating their art for 25 years. All their coffee is sourced from small cooperatives around the world, ensuring that the farmers are effectively rewarded for their efforts. They respect the farmers' hard work by crafting the finest roasts possible, creating a relationship that includes the coffee drinker, roaster, and grower. They are a small batch roaster, which gives us the flexibility to order frequently- so the coffee we sell is as fresh as it can be!